CRD Support Committee Members

Anahid Yeremian

Anahid Yeremian on her way down from the Cosmic Ray Division stations on Mt. Aragats in Armenia in September, 1999

Anahid is a particle accelerator physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) in Stanford, California. She designs, builds and commissions particle accelerators in the US, Japan, Germany and Switzerland.

Her interest in helping to promote Armenian Science was aroused in 1999 when she visited Armenia for the first time in 31 years.

The expertise of the CRD scientific staff, their dedication to conduct high quality science in Armenia despite the difficult financial conditions, and the visionary approach of the head of the Cosmic Ray Division, Prof. Ashot Chilingarian, inspire her commitment to the CRD in Armenia.

Joe Dagdigian

Joe Dagdigian running for the CRD, Boston, 2001
Joe Dagdigian has degrees in electronic and computer engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He has held a number of engineering positions at electronic and data communication companies in northern Massachusetts. He is married with one daughter.

Since his college days, Joe has been active in Armenian community affairs. Shortly after finishing college, he spent a year at the Palanjian Jemaran in Beirut learning Armenian and studying the Middle East. He is interested in science and Armenian history, geography, archeology and ethnography. He has traveled to western Armenia and a number of times has visited the Republic of Armenia and Karabagh.

During his visit to Armenia in 1999, he met Prof. Ashot Chilingarian and some of the staff at the Cosmic Ray Division (CRD). Both he and his wife Lisa were so impressed by the dedication of the staff and work being conducted under such difficult, if not impossible, conditions that they decided it was imperative to assist the CRD in the important work it is doing for science and for Armenia's future.

Tanya Avakian

Tanya Avakian with some of her books.
Tanya Avakian grew up in Bangor, Maine, and attended the University of Maine and Boston University, where she earned degrees in history and comparative religion. She received a Master's in library science at the University of Oklahoma and has worked as a librarian for M.I.T., Hanscom Air Force Base, and the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association. She lives in Delaware and is married with two stepdaughters. Tanya's longstanding interest in Armenian affairs found a compelling mission when she attended a lecture by Ashot Chilingarian and Anahid Yeremian in 2000, and she has been closely involved with the CRD Support Committee ever since.

Arsen Soghomonyan

Arsen lives in Armenia.
He has a Master's degree in Nuclear Physics, has worked at Cosmic Ray Division but later went into web-development.
He's the web site manager for the Support Committee for Armenia's Cosmic Ray Division for last few years.

California Chapter of the
Support Committee for Armenia's Cosmic Ray Division.

Front Row, from left to right:
Tenny Kachatourian, Margaret Shamlian, Rita Kablanian, Araxi Bezdjian, Karine Keledjian, Allen Odian, Takoui Kechedjian

Back Row, from left to right:
Nubar Manoukian, Anahid Yeremian, Deneb Karentz, Arsine Arakelian, Nelly Der Kiureghian

Absent from the picture are:
Joseph Bezdjian, Deborah Hartunian, Nancy Kushigian, Artin Der Minassian, Erika Odian, John Poochigian, Naiyry Sarkiss

Michigan Chapter of the
Support Committee for Armenia’s Cosmic Ray Division

Seated, left to right
Mr. Norman Akaraksian, Realtor
Mr. Osep Sarafian, Architect
Mr. Herman Misirliyan, Architect

Middle row, left to right:
Mr. Kirakos Vaporciyan, Engineer
Mr. Harutuyn Vaporciyan, Architect
Mr. Edmond Megerian, Architect
Mr. George Zamanian, Civil Engineer
Mr. Arsen Terjimarian, Mechanical Engineer
Mr. Vanig Godoshian, Electrical Engineer
Mr. Hagop Mutafian, Custodian

Back row, left to right:
Mr. Art Kalajian, Architect
Mr. Ned Arpigian, Architect
Mr. George Mouradian, Reliability Engineer
Mr. Edward Zamanian, Energy Engineer
Mr. John Varterasian, Mechanical Engineer
Dr. Greg Kalemkerian, Oncologist
Mr. Shahan Kavafian, Engineer

SCACRD Advisors (not pictured)
Mrs. Lisa Dagdigian
Mr. Robert Goshgarian
Dr. Julie Kulhanjian-Strauch
Mr. Tony Moroyan


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