About the Cosmic Ray Division in Armenia

A Division of Yerevan Physics Institute, in May 2004 renamed
Alikhanian Physicis Institute


CRD Founded in 1943
The Cosmic Ray Division (CRD) was founded on Mt. Aragats in Armenia in 1943 by the famous scientist Artem Alikhanian. It was the beginning stage of the Yerevan Physics Institute, which later became a very large organization with many different divisions and multiple scientific disciplines. Since its establishment, the CRD has been in the forefront of research in cosmic ray and high energy astrophysics.


The head of the CRD is Prof. Ashot Chilingarian, a visionary and energetic leader whose commitment to scientific excellence has resulted in international recognition and support for the research conducted in Armenia.





The Cosmic Ray Division consists of about 80 scientists, engineers, technicians, students, and support personnel who conduct cutting edge research on cosmic rays, high energy physics and solar phenomena.








Facilities and Projects
The CRD has 2 high altitude cosmic ray and solar monitoring stations on Mt. Aragats; the Aragats station at 3200 m (10500 ft); and the Nor-Ambert station at 2000 m (6560 ft). CRD's headquarters and computation facilities are in Yerevan.

CRD's two observatories on Mt. Aragats collect data which is analyzed using sophisticated mathematical software developed by the CRD. Their research is of both theoretical and practical interest. Solar flares and mass ejections, when directed toward earth, adversely affect power distribution systems on earth and can damage satellites in orbit as well as endangering astronauts. CRD is working on a prototype early warning system which can alert satellite operators, astronauts, and other interested parties about the occurrence of such events 30 minutes before the damaging effects reach the earth. This service can result in savings of billions of dollars.

CRD scientists represent Armenia at a number of international scientific conferences and have received wide acclaim for their research. The CRD staff is determined to continue their world class research and to do it in Armenia.

Preparing for the Future
In addition to the scientists, techniciand, and support personnel, the CRD staff includes students from Yerevan State University, who receive practical training and experience working with the senior scientific researchers at the CRD and conducting their thesis research under the advosorship of Prof.
Chilingarian. The next generation of bright, enthusiastic Armenian scientists is being prepared for the responsibility of maintaining Armenia's scientific excellence well into the 21st century.




CRD - Diaspora Partnership Essential
Prior to Armenian independence almost all Armenian science was funded by the Soviet scientific and military establishment. In the post-Soviet era, CRD's research is dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge and the beneficial application of scientific knowledge. The transition to a western oriented post-Soviet environment has been extraordinarily difficult. It is a tribute to the men and women of the Cosmic Ray Division that they have met this challenge with determination and self-sacrifice. Yet, CRD's and Armenia's success is crucially dependent on cooperation between the CRD and the Diaspora. The Support Committee for Armenia's Cosmic Ray Division was created to coordinate this cooperation.


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