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Armenia's superb scientific talent is a strategic asset and an enormous resource for its future economic growth. The past few years, however, have seen an unprecedented number of scientists leave Armenia in pursuit of economic survival. The massive exodus of talented scientists and technical personnel is an Armenian disaster of historic proportions.

Thanks to the visionary approach of the director of the CRD, Prof. Ashot Chilingarian, and his persistent and relentless determination to conduct world class science in Armenia, the CRD under Prof. Chilingarian's leadership has established a number of research partnerships with the US, France, Japan and other countries which provide large portions of the funding for CRD's projects.

In short, the CRD is establishing a new way of managing scientific research in Armenia. Funding from international scientific organizations brings revenue to Armenia that would otherwise not be available. Besides working toward stemming the exodus of talented scientists from Armenia, the CRD is setting an example for other scientific institutions in Armenia to emulate in the post-Soviet era.

CRD's international partnerships pay a large part, but not all, of its expenses. The CRD depends on help from the diaspora to bring its plans to fruition. The CRD Support Committee was established in March 2000. Through generous contributions from individual Diaspora members and organizations, it has been able to raise the supplemental funds needed to keep CRD's cosmic ray and solar monitoring stations on Mt. Aragats in operation. This has allowed the CRD to comply with the requirements of its international partners to deliver high quality data and research. Thus, contributions from the diaspora have been multiplied 10-fold due to revenue from CRD's international research partnerships.

Members of the CRD and the SCACRD are grateful for the material, moral, and/or administrative support from the following Diaspora Organizations: Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America (AESA) California, Michigan and New England Chapters; Armenian Relief Society (ARS) Lowell chapter and Central Executive in Watertown, MA; Armenian Technology Group (ATG); Bay Area Friends of Armenia (BAFA); Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR); and United Armenia Fund (UAF); Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Washington, D.C. office

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